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I would like to introduce to you TEClick - not yet an AI or Artificial Intelligence click bot but soon will be. The first version ever. It's a free gift to all of my friends in the traffic exchange community that will make our life's easier through surfing 15 traffic exchanges at a time. It's a money saver and timer saver since it's freeware, it's all for free for the taking. All I need is where I can email it ready for download.

It's called the Traffic Exchange Click or Clicker more likely, because you will never touch the tab again with your mouse click but only the images that you need to click on each traffic exchanges.

It's now ready for you all.

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Read it's features, benefits and what's make it more interesting is I'm giving away 75% commission via clickbank for you to sell it. A CHRISTmas gift indeed.


Surf All Your Favorite Traffic Exchanges For Free

I have to say this is very addicting and I am entertained on clicking on multiple traffic exchanges at a time. When the day ends I can see the number of my clicks increase and I'm not talking about 1 traffic exchange only but on multiple traffic exchanges.

Banner 8  Blue with Box Surf all your favorite TEs

For free membership, you can surf up to a maximum of 7 tabs with power tabs and timer tabs increase your surfing capability up to 500% I should say based on experience.

But if you can afford it, purchase the license for 13+ tabs and you will be surfing almost virtually unlimited traffic exchanges up to your heart's desire.

Hurry up their prices are not that high, you can lock in your position by purchasing the license for it.

You can clear cache in one click, auto login in groups of traffic exchanges. All you have to do right now are in bulk mode.

With power tabs and timer tabs toggled on, you will be surfing into millions of hits for your websites in no time at all.

Block autoplay and decrease the volume for uninterrupted surfing and also comes with a powerful popup blocker.

Without it before I can only surf 350 websites a day now with in just a few hours, I can surf 1000 pages and more on all traffic exchanges I like to use and not only on 1 traffic exchanges, that makes my web traffic distributed across all traffic exchanges making me appear on all traffic exchanges at a time, conserving time, energy and not to mention the clicks, because it will navigate all tabs with just one click automatically, including that you can get only from a quick clicker.

I can say that with this nifty tool, you can turn manual traffic exchanges into autosurfs figuratively. This is the secret of power monster surfers out there. But good secrets can't remain secrets for long.

You have to download it on your computer, set up the username and password on each traffic exchanges. What I do is setup a group of 7 traffic exchanges per day and focus surfing on it.

With it, you seem like a robot surfer with AI capabilities but you're not, you're still enjoying surfing and you can see your traffic increasing.

That's the bottomline.

Join here, download, install and setup groups of traffic exchanges.


Right now, to be frank with you, I can't stop surfing.

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