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[] The JSE Coin Ad Exchange

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[] The JSE Coin Ad Exchange

Welcome to JSE Coin

by: William R. Nabaza of Signup here or try this

I've got the JSE Coin September update via email from Dave Mallett, co-founder of JSE Coin. Listen up guys, this is serious!

Signed by: Dave Mallett of JSE Coin Limited Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Registered in England

Featuring the JSE Coin Ad Exchange, a place for us , web publishers, web advertisers and consumers alike.

Featuring the JSE Coin Ad Exchange. Come on, let's learn what it is. shall we?

An ad exchange is a market place where buyers and sellers trade digital advertising space.

JSE Coin has a base of 23,000 publisher websites which deliver 12,000,000 impressions per day.

The web traffic at JSE Coin right now is estimated to have a value of around U.S.$1.5 million per month, given at U.S.$5 ecpm or earnings per thousand visitors.

Both publishers and advertisers can enjoy the following: - banner ad / video / native ad - interstitial / pop under - text / link monetization - redirect / short link ad

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Watch the video here:

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How To Be Whitelisted During ICO?

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How To Be Whitelisted During ICO? by: Weblord William R. Nabaza of and for

What is whitelist in ICO? A whitelist in ICO means that you have to register in advance to participate in the ICOs, which are usually hallmarks of popular ICOs that have a limited number of coins to offer.

How To Be Whitelisted in JSEcoin? Just goto Bookmark the url and complete the form.

Please prepare the following: your email address that you've used as registered JSE coin member, your full name, your home address, and your etherium address, you can get your etherium address free from my MYETHERWALLET.COM, sum of etherium you are willing to invest, and submit the form.

No Etherium?? I can help you. You can use Etherium Mining Bot for free to mine etherium on telegram, I will teach you how via email. Just email me:

Just go here to claim 3 times a day your free etherium

Now you are ready to buy JSE coin. Enjoy being whitelisted.

Again This is the form to be whitelisted:

You can also review the steps here

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What will create demand on exchange for the JSE Token?

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Welcome to JSECOIN
What will create demand on exchange for the JSE Token?
By: William R. Nabaza
www dot Nabaza dot com
www dot NameHost dot us

Currently we have six I call it six obvious factors that will create the demand for the JSE token.
What are they? They are the following:

Number 1. Website Owners – who are mining JSE coin through the user of their website. They are currently “hudl” – holding on to their JSE coin tokens.

Number 2. Brand Advertisers – who will fund ad campaigns by means of their own money.

Number 3. Clients using JSE tokens for enterprise solutions – they found JSE coins as valuable as money itself so they use it for their enterprise solutions.

Number 4. Exchange Trading – These exchanges like My Etherium Wallet who can adopt to customized token and are willing to take JSE tokens in.

Number 5. Consumers already paying for merchang products and services using JSE coin. – These are consumers who are clients of website owners who are selling on their websites and requiring JSE coin as payment.

Number 6. Platform Miners – who don’t have a website of their own but they can do browser mining 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through browser, windows app, and android app.

Like the website owners, they are currently HUDL as well.

In review, what will create demand on exchange for the JSE Token?

Website Owners
Brand Advertisers will fund ad campaigns
Clients using JSE tokens for enterprise solutions
Exchange Trading
Platform Miners
and consumers already paying for merchant products and services

Answers are based here:×1024.png

Video Tutorial:

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