[Nabaza.com] The JSE Coin Ad Exchange

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[Nabaza.com] The JSE Coin Ad Exchange

Welcome to JSE Coin

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I've got the JSE Coin September update via email from Dave Mallett, co-founder of JSE Coin. Listen up guys, this is serious!

Signed by: Dave Mallett of JSE Coin Limited Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Registered in England

Featuring the JSE Coin Ad Exchange, a place for us , web publishers, web advertisers and consumers alike.

Featuring the JSE Coin Ad Exchange. Come on, let's learn what it is. shall we?

An ad exchange is a market place where buyers and sellers trade digital advertising space.

JSE Coin has a base of 23,000 publisher websites which deliver 12,000,000 impressions per day.

The web traffic at JSE Coin right now is estimated to have a value of around U.S.$1.5 million per month, given at U.S.$5 ecpm or earnings per thousand visitors.

Both publishers and advertisers can enjoy the following: - banner ad / video / native ad - interstitial / pop under - text / link monetization - redirect / short link ad

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