How To Be Whitelisted During ICO?

How To Be Whitelisted During ICO? by: Weblord William R. Nabaza of and for

What is whitelist in ICO? A whitelist in ICO means that you have to register in advance to participate in the ICOs, which are usually hallmarks of popular ICOs that have a limited number of coins to offer.

How To Be Whitelisted in JSEcoin? Just goto Bookmark the url and complete the form.

Please prepare the following: your email address that you've used as registered JSE coin member, your full name, your home address, and your etherium address, you can get your etherium address free from my MYETHERWALLET.COM, sum of etherium you are willing to invest, and submit the form.

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Now you are ready to buy JSE coin. Enjoy being whitelisted.

Again This is the form to be whitelisted:

You can also review the steps here

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