How Can You Claim Bitcoins Every 8 Minutes During Corona Virus Lockdown? by William Nabaza of

There's a way to earn from home and work at home even if you don't know anything for example, or even you can't be accepted with the number of job proposals or project proposals you have submitted. You tried to work on a project but the project all in all costs about U.S.$2 per hour and you know in your heart that you can finish it in 2 hours or less.

Now I have a solution for you to continue the cash flow or much better satoshi flow. How about try claiming from bitcoin walls or bitcoin faucets? It's worth the time since every minute is worth and paid in satoshis. Satoshis is like cents in dollars as satoshis is to bitcoins. Well, you know how much bitcoin is worth right now!

  1. Claim FREE Satoshis every 8 minutes - Try it's a free way to earn free satoshis, at same time use the bitcoin faucet rotator so you can earn from various bitcoin faucets as well. Remember to share your affiliate link that will appear after you claim once and share it to your friends, get 50% of whatever they'll be getting. You can check out the menus like offerwalls, bitcoin games and even participating in from every paid signup from time to time.

  2. AdBtc - How about claiming every seconds free satoshis and get like 60 advertisers that are waiting for you to click on their ads everyday. It's free and the referrals are optional because if you're like me, once I have once in a while active referrals what I do is sell them in the marketplace.

  3. Crypto-Mining - It's a virtual world in the near future where you work as a crypto miner mining those different crypto currencies using your mining equipments it sees like in this future that's the only work profitable left for you to do. So make your financial life by mining everytime and everyday. Look while you do this, there are competitors lurking at you to fight with them but not until you have gathered enough strength.

  4. Crypto Mining Game - This one you need to reach until Level 15 to be profitable because this is the starting level where you can start withdrawing your satoshi earnings from bitcoin mining, claiming, applying at mining jobs, getting the bonuses, opening your crates, upgrading your cards, and sending in drones to different places to get your crates and inventories. It's a whole new world of bitcoin mining waiting for you and remember this bitcoin games are paying.

  5. BTC Clicks - You can view daily advertiser's ads and earn very little satoshis but doing this everyday you'll be amazed you can withdraw satoshis and combining this with others on this page, you get a sizeable satoshis. Remember you are not working at all but just clicking. In some other world's view, clicking is not actual work, it could be the clicks you're spending in a game but it does not pay you at all. As they say, little by little makes it big.

  6. Cointiply - Roll the faucet, click on paid to clicks, watch videos, download games and many more activities to get that needed points for you to start withdrawing them. You may also refer people to help you in gather the satoshis even faster. From time to time hunt some twitter codes to augment earnings.

  7. Fire Faucet - This is an auto-claim cryto currency faucet by turning your clicks, views, rolls into points or coins that is needed to start the claim.

  8. CoinADster - you can roll the faucet, click from paid to clicks, do the offerwalls and all you end up is to earn bits which is withdrawable as satoshis. Continue to do this combining with others and you get a lot.

  9. MoreMoney - This is just like the previous one but they have actually different owners. It's a time waster they say but if you're paid to play games in satoshis, this is better or a little better than playing for dollars.

  10. Coastal-City - You can be amazed at what you can do with this city pretend that you own houses and lots here paying in crypto currencies. It's a city of the future where all money accepted are only crypto-currencies priced at your local gold and local silver.

I invite you all to participate in our forum and blog, while waiting claim, chat and have fun with us. This changes the picture, make it worthwhile to live under corona virus lockdown. You see this world will not be destroyed by a virus but this world will be destroyed by fire. (Luke 12:49, 2 Peter 3:7,10) Remember to share your affiliate link that you will get once you claim once and share this all over the internet most preferably in your own blog, and get 50% (fifty percent) of what your referrals get.