Fortnite Players: Advantages Of Playing Fortnite by: William Nabaza of

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I don't own any copyrights or am not affiliated with FORTNITE (TM) in any way, shape or form. I'm just an avid fun and learner of this Epic (TM) Game so treat it that way. If you ended up as a FORTNITE (TM) player after reading this blog, it's not my fault, Ok?

  1. It Teaches You To Adapt

In real life, there's routines and monotonous activities but in FORTNITE you become a new person for you will not know where it will drop you, what you will get, what other players are getting nearby you. The game teaches you to adapt to use things and stuff you own right now to be on top of the situation instead of the other fortnite player.

  1. It Teaches You Learning And Preparation

Fortnite players for the most time start with nothing in life in the game, the skill to spot things hiding or camouflaging within your surrounding and if you can do this in lightning-flash time then you are already ahead of the fortnite game. You learn and learn to prepare for the worst, learning from your past mistakes is the key here in fortnite. You prepare your stuff, you practice with it on how to use it and you will improve as you play fortnite for example, like an hour a day and don't be so indulged with it. You still have schedules to keep up with in the real life. Remember this is a only a game and it trains you in life. The harder you train, learn and prepare makes you more closer in the victory royale.

  1. It Teaches You Teamwork

I remember the days when I worked before on a call center as an agent and we have a team leader that wants us to learn teamwork, well you can't learn it in real life if you are in a hurry, in life, it takes time but in fortnite, it's easier every event in life are like fast-forward when you go to fortnite. You opt to play as part of a team and not as solo, you learn in a team. Everything you need to setup against those alien hordes are provided in a team. You learn in time cooperation with everyone in the team and team communication. Remember in real life teams, communication is the key, that's why you need to attend those meetings and meetings are a must before and after you start.

  1. It Teaches You Patience

In Fortnite, it's like real life, you don't just fight with anyone or go to battle, you prepare, you build first, building strength, stuff, trainings and everything you need to build upon, yeah relationships when you're in a team, come handy always even in Fortnite. You observe people how they fight, you learn and progress through time.

  1. It Teaches you Resilience

Each fortnite game brings you pleasure, pressure, emotions, cautions, winning and losing. It builds up your resilience from the heart to your mind. Remember the chorus of the song Chumbawamba that goes like this: “I get knocked down, I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down” is a great theme song of every Fortnite players worldwide. You lose a lot more until you get the game under control. You are entertained but deep inside you are training for resiliency and it's the secret when you play a game like Fortnite.

  1. It Teaches You Strategic Thinking

One business I've known lasted 30 years because the owner has foresight and is a strategic thinker just like me. Why stress it out when you can work smart? Let your skills, money, someone, talent work for you, then your time at the last work for you finally, but don't work for yourself. Strategic thinking will always lead to smart and wise decisions. In the end, you arose as a winner, it's just like playing fortnite at night. I advise that every business men in the world be a fortnite player just like me.

  1. It Teaches You The Role Of Luck

As you can see, I don't believe in luck and later on learned that my name is bad luck indeed because it consists of 13 letters: full name and last name. That's why I don't go to casinos, I'll lose my monies to the establishment in a day. Fortnite is just like that, 99% luck, 1% skills but indeed true, every Fortnite players knows that. Luck is not an excuse or alibi for not practising though, one famous sporting quote says: “The more I practice, the luckier I get”. It still needs a lot of practise, learning, re-learning, preparation, planning and thinking.

  1. It Optimizes And Release Positive Thoughts For You.

When you can shoot someone in the face with no intention of evil just by playing a game, it releases positive toxins from you and makes you more relax since you can't do that in real life only in fortnite. You can call that someone as stress or anxiety.

  1. It Improves Your Vision And Focus.

For example you happen to sit on top of a mountain covered by trees and you see someone that looks like a head and it's moving then you can shoot at that, improves your focus and vision when you do that always. You can't do that in real life of course, only in fortnite.

  1. It Improves Your Reaction Time

Real life requires quick reaction time thinking for it aids you in producing positive results when you act fast in situations. FORTNITE teaches you that skill when you have an enemies all your states are in enhanced version, you need to kill enemies in fortnite and your reaction improves because there are bots playing too in FORTNITE.