How Can Classified Ads Help Boost Online Sales? by William Nabaza of

I still use classified ads since 1995 working on the internet to boost my online sales and they still work today.

Here are five major reasons why classified ads can boost your online sales and you will earn money while sleeping or not.

For those who are still in doubt, this will clear all that doubts and start you from a life-long career of posting ads wherever they are permitted and they are the classified ads.

Here are Seven Major reasons why classified ads can boost your online sales today.

They Are Free.

Don't underestimate the power of free since the money you can be spending online you can spend on physical pleasures for yourself and your family.

They Are World Wide.

Classified ads are open to everyone, everybody from all walks of life, from every culture and on the world wide web.

They Will Not Call Your Links Spam.

They are there for a reason to accept your web address links and images for free. This will give you an extra edge in SEO capability and SEO functionalities.

They Allow Links Or Web Address.

Long before the social medias have been treated for SEO linkages/backlinks, there are already existing classified ads on the internet. They are slowly dying but little did people know they are a great source for backlinks. Since majority of them are listed on the search engines then anyone can boost their backlinks quantity and quality using classified ads.

They Allow Images.

The search engines are also indexing images if you still don't know and when clicked will lead to your website. Don't forget images, graphics and pictures plays huge role in seo as well.

They Get Listed On Search Engines The Fastest.

Since sometimes the search engines qualifies a website for a listing, if some websites have already linked back to them making that website sort of an influencer and a guide for some people on the internet. The search engines will treat them as some kind of a reference for people helping them out on the internet so your website will be treated with respect and will be deemed appropriate for an index or listing on the major search engines.

They Get You More Eyeballs On Your Products And Services Since People Are Already Searching For Something When They Come To Classified Ads.

If your products, websites or services are listed then chances are you are seen for them and you will get first to being hired or ending up with a sale or two since are already listed on them.

Let me start you on that career of ad posting with these classified ads and do them daily. I have one classified ad site below where you can list your 1 ad with a click to 1,100 classified ads website, try to discover them for yourself as a bonus.




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