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Four New Games This January - Play Online Now!

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William R. Nabaza here with four new games for your enjoyment, namely: Candy Blocks, Piggy Night, Neon Shoot and Pingu and Friends.

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Candy Blocks Are you able to get all blocks exactly in the big block?

Piggy Night Aim and shoot! Shoot the piggys in the circles and watch out for the monsters!

Neon Shoot How many goals can you make?

Pingu and Friends Can you reach the top? Jump as high as you can. GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH!

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Game Post: Updated

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This is what is exciting with a gamer and a game publisher as well, you get to play first and be the first winner until someone better than you comes along.

Jump With Justin This is a jumping game of gigantic proportions! Fire the mad inventor, Justin the beaver, off on a crazy jumping journey. Along the way grab coins and collect his wacky inventions, such as magentism, rockets and helium to make him jump even higher but watch out for obstacles and Justin's evil inventions, as they will crash him back down to the ground with a bump!

Segments You are the triangle in the middle and you are attacked if you don't expect it! So be careful! You can turn to aim and then shoot back, to get a level!

Traffic Control There are four cars that you all have to drive at once! Gas or brakes? Beware because if this is not going well you have a crash!

Hexa Blocks Fill the empty spots with the blocks you get. When you have a full row, they disappear and you get points! The more points you get, the more levels you get! updates

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more games at Are You A Gamer?

Mini-o Stars Luck Starwalker needs your help! Gather enough coins to free his friends. Be quick and avoid all the angry space troopers! Mini-o Stars is a simple and challenging ping pong-style game. There are 4 additional fun characters to unlock!

Drop Dunks Drop Dunks is a great HTML5 game where you have 3 chances to score as many balls as possible! Test your skills in this awesome game!

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Slot Machine Games

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Yummy Slot Machine

Want to try your luck? Beautiful classic slot style gameplay comes with tasty food and big wins. You will experience the full range of emotions without the fear of losing money. Play free slots with Wilds, Free Spins and Bonus game feaures like in Vegas. Take your slot machine with you everywhere in your pocket.

Wild West Slot Machine

Play the best wild casino slots for free and experience the real thrill of Las Vegas! Enjoy all the fun of a Western slot machine in your hand. Place your bet, spin and win big prizes in the best free casino game!

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4 New Amazing Games For You, We Need Gamers. Please Feel Free To Share, Like And Play

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4 New Amazing Games For You, We Need Gamers. Please Feel Free To Share, Like And Play.

Drag Racing Ready set go! Race against other cars and win as often as possible! With winning you will receive extra money! You can upgrade your car with the money!

Kid Icarus Deluxe Fly around and avoid the pillars by going right in between. Collect keys on the way. Have not you always wanted to fly once?!

Bottle Flip 3 Ready for the coolest challenge ever again? Bottle Flip 3 is here! Rotate that bottle and don't drop it! How many spins could you make? There are more challenges now!

The Planet Guardian You are the Planet Guardian, defense the planet from all the anemies. You can shoot and also collect shields to protect your self! Some anemies are stronger than the others!

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