Why Have I Chosen TrafficWave To Do My Email Marketing?

I have chosen Trafficwave to deliver my email marketing online is because of it's delivery rates.

Why is Trafficwave able to provide such outstanding reliability?

Let's take a look at a few factors:

  1. Trafficwave enforces a clear and stringent anti-spam policy.

  2. We maintain a zero-tolerance stand when it comes to unsolicited email.

  3. Trafficwave maintains consistent and open communication with major service providers to ensure and enforce best practices in Email Marketing. WHEN (not "if") a problem is detected, our staff are able to quickly resolve and address these issues. (It happens to all of us)

  4. Trafficwave constantly monitors for and removes email addresses that become undeliverable. This helps our database remain clean and function efficiently.

  5. Removal/Unsubscribe requests are handled quickly and efficiently.

  6. Trafficwave maintains multiple test accounts across a wide variety of carriers to check for delivery issues and irregularities.

  7. Trafficwave constantly monitors and proactively seeks out any potential or impending delivery issues.

Now with all these bullet proof deliverability of your emails just go to Trafficwave and click on FREE 3O-day Trial button to start. I'll even greet you from the inside and teach you via email how to build your first list. See you there.

And besides if you join in, you won't have to refer someone since I will be doing all the referrings and it will just spill over you. If my referral that spills under you did upgrade then you need to upgrade if not the commission will go to me.